• Madam Solo Coffeemaker, White - 1.2L

    Eva Solo

  • $89.00

  • Description

    In celebration of Eva Solo's centennial anniversary is the Madam Solo 1.2-liter coffee pot, a modern take on the iconic Danish Madam Blue coffee pot. With the Madam Solo coffee pot you can brew coffee two different ways: the traditional way using a coffee filter; or al fresco, the way coffee was originally brewed. The al fresco way uses the same method as the Eva Solo Cafe Solo coffee-maker. Simply spoon ground coffee into the pot and fill with boiling water. Stir and insert the drip free filter funnel in the top of the coffee pot. Wait 4 minutes and pour. The coffee pot is made of porcelain, the drip-free spout and the lid are made of silicone and the handle is stainless steel. Porcelain pot is dishwasher safe. Designer: Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbaek, Tools.

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