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    Come join the fun with three classic games to play with distinctive Madeline cards: Go Fish, Snap and Memory.
             Briarpatch Madeline Card Game   Briarpatch Madeline Card Game is a set of three famous games. Surprise kids with Go fish, Snap and Memory games in this all-in-one pack. Using the distinctive Madeline cards for each game helps increase the excitement and anticipation of the players. Play with friends and family to achieve maximum pleasure. Young kids too may love to play these games as it doesn't require reading skills and they may play the game simply by matching the picture cards.  Why You'll Love It:   Use distinctive Madeline cards to play Go fish, Snap and Memory, the three famous games all packed in one set.   Age:   3 years and up  Features  Helps promote cooperative and competitive play   Doesn't require reading skills  Easy to play for young kids as well   Simple and interesting games   Helps develop visual and matching skills

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