• Maestro II

    HQ Kites

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    The Maestro II considers latest developments in trick flying. ‘Old School’ and ‘New School’ tricks are easily managed by this free-style kite and can thus be learned well and quickly by the pilot. The Maestro II has a lower spreader made of wrapped Dynamic T15 which significantly strengthens the structure compared to its predecessor. Two enclosed 15 gram weights allow for precise tricks, even at stronger wind speeds. Challenging winding tricks are among the strengths of the Maestro II. It now flies Jojos even easier and in multiple ways. These features make the Maestro II a versatile free-style flying machine with that the pilot never gets bored. Even advanced pilots need time to completely exploit its capacity.
           Looking better than ever, the Maestro II is adept at new style tricks as well as the old stuff. A natural for fades and axels, it now does roll-ups with the addition of its two 15-gram tail weights. 7'-2" x 3'-1". 11.4-oz. 58/36" case. Ready to Fly with 80' 150-lb. Dyneema lines, straps and winder.

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