• Magic Yarn Twister Kit

    Harrisville Designs

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  • Description

    Thousands of years ago people discovered that they could harvest wool from sheep and rub it between their hands to make yarn. Drop spindles were devised to make the yarn-making process faster and to make stronger yarn. Today there are still many people using drop spindles to enjoy the quiet rhythm of this ancient craft. Many different fibers can be used including plant fibers such as flax fiber, silk from silk worms and even hair from dogs and rabbits. A fun way to learn the ancient art of spinning yarn. Kit includes two coordinating colors of 100% wool fleece (colors vary), a wooden drop spindle and complete instructions. Fun for all! Made in the USA.

    We developed the first of our Friendly Loom Products in the 1980's in response to growing demand from educators and parents wanting to introduce 'hands on' creative activities to children and teenagers. Our products are designed to provide fun, challenging, educational experiences while developing concentration, fine and gross motor control and a better understanding of spatial relationships and patterning. We believe that it is essential to help children slow things down and experience their creative ability by introducing the the joys of working with their hands.

    As educators and parents, one of our most important challenges is to encourage the development of self-esteem and self-confidence. For a child to be able to say "I made this myself", the pride in achievement is not only felt in that child's mind and heart, it is represented in a tangible form.

    We hope that you will find Harrisville Designs Products useful tools for helping children discover the excitement of the creativity that is within them.

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