• Magnet Puzzle 2 Tangram & Templates

    Grimms Spiel and Holz Design

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    What is a Tangram? The tangram puzzle is a clever matching game that has been around for thousands of years. For a game to endure that long it must have some very special qualities! The open-endedness of the puzzle invites the player to apply elements of imagination and creative ability - each player at his own level. A very young child will play with the shapes and arrange them in abstract patterns, then learn to form them back into a square. Games for older children include fitting the pieces into pre-designed patterns following templates (included) and creating novel designs of their own. 

    This set travels well: simply bring the metal box along and the magnetic pieces stick to the inside! Children can build designs inside the box, or use a different magnetic surface such as Grimm's Magnetic Board or Travel Case (not ideal for refrigerator door as the magnets are not super-strong and may fall as door swings.

    Look for other fun Mini Magnetic Creative Puzzles from Grimm's, including In Motion, Goethe's Color Circle, Cobweb and many more.

    About Grimm's
    Steeped in the rich European history of handcrafted woodworking and toy-making, Grimm's Spiel und Holz Design of Germany lovingly creates high-quality, imaginative wooden playthings loved by children of all ages. Parents love Grimm's because these high-quality designs encourage exploration, advance creativity, and challenge kids to think and use their imagination. The engaging, colorful creations include heirloom-quality block puzzles, magnetic design puzzles, an array of beautiful building blocks sets (both large and small blocks), dolls, dollhouse furniture, stacking towers (from simple to elaborate), baby rattles, teething toys and more. Grimm's intent is to develop long-lasting toys that help children discover and develop their own creativity.

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