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    This a beautiful wall cling that can be used as a decoration and instructional map. The cling is magnetic, and the set comes with the wall sticker and 101 magnets that can be used by children ages 7-12 to decorate and identify objects and people from aro


    In 1970, Louis Janod founded the company Janod in Orgelet, France. With his associate Serge Salvi, he developed the business and focused on the design and sale of traditional toys (spinning tops, yo-yos, skittles, etc.).

    Developing creativity to craft timeless toys, valuing contemporary design with a graphic edge, inventing new features... these are all challenges Janod takes on when creating its new collections.

    Janod's playful, sturdy and joyous creations forge unique connections between children and their toys... as well as between the brand and its consumers. The not so easily defined soulful component drives our designers and the "French Touch" disregards borders and has enabled us to hold a special place in toy chests around the world!

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