• Magnetic Poetry Kids Story Maker

    Magnetic Poetry

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    Word play can ignite a love of language in general, which is essential in a lifetime of reading, writing, and higher level thinking and learning. Parents, teachers and most notably kids of all ages are grabbing hold of this great learning play tool--and they aren't letting go! In a non-threatening, playful fashion, Magnetic Poetry entices children to recognize and relish the vast possibilities of our language. Kids Story Maker throws kids a spontaneous opportunity to show their stuff--it frees up a brain clogged with intimidation, perception and cliche and provides a breath of fresh fun. Encourages reluctant writers and increases the quality of writing for more advanced students. Children manipulate sentence parts on color-coded tiles.
           This kit contains over 150 word and phrase magnets. You can make all sorts of exciting stories or put together something silly. The magnets are color coded: purple tiles are nouns, red tiles are verbs, orange tiles are prepositions and green tiles are other things, so you learn language skills as you compose. Even better, you can create sentences just by puting together a few magnets. Who knew creating a story could be so easy and fun?

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