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    " O! How thy worth with manners may I sing-- " (from Shakespeare's Sonnets)    Wouldn't you love to find such high praise adorning the door of your family fridge? The Shakespearean  selection of Magnetic Poetry provideth thy steely surfaces with Elizabethan rime--and defrosts your brain  better than a draught of mead. A gathering of over 240 Bard-inspired word magnets, it makes a great  add-on to an existing collection of magnetic words, or it can stand on its own (providing you're somewhat  versed in William's words). Phrases such as "Drunkard, thou hast much wanton mischance" or "Methinks  thou belch" may not ward off midnight raids on the fridge, but they're surely entertaining. A healthy  serving of the unusual ("codpiece," "loathsome," "bawdy") is mixed with a handful of more common parts  of speech and a charitable assemblage of prefixes and suffixes. Now you can go for baroque when  concocting sentence or sonnet, enhancing an incommodious vocabulary, seducing a wary cook, or carping  creatively.   --Julie Ubben 
           Break into spontaneous prose and wax witty upon thine steely surfaces with our Shakespeare Kit, a saucy collection of over 240 bard-inspired magnetic tiles. Every word is drawn from the works of Shakespeare including bawdy, wicked, haste, love, mortal, wherefore and maiden.

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