• Maisto HD - Ford Mustang GT Hard Top Harley-Davidson #1 (1967, 1/24 scale diecast model car, Black & Pearl White)

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    One of the most inspirational cars of all time, the Ford Mustang single-handedly created a new class of vehicles, situating itself as the prototype and benchmark for years to come. The world???s very first pony car, characterised by its long hood and short rear deck. Not the most practical of cars, but certainly one of the most stylish. Maisto have produced an excellent black and white Harley Davidson replica of this iconic GT Mustang car, set in high quality diecast, this would be the crowning piece of any diecast Ford model cars collection. The features include: Doors, hood and trunk open Steerable wheels that roll High quality diecast This Ford diecast car comes factory sealed in 100% mint condition, in order to retain its status as a collector???s item. It would be a perfect addition to any existing collection of diecast model Mustang cars.

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