• Makedo Free Play Kit For Three

    Battat (Toysmith)

  • $9.75

  • Description

    What is Makedo? Makedo is a system of connectors that allow you to upcycle materials in your house such as cardboard, plastic, and fabric so that you can join them together in a snap to make new objects and forms. With a little aptitude and a lot of artistry, plus the help from a friend or two, let your imagination be your guide as you build unique and creative designs and structures from recycled materials found around your home. All Makedo connectors are reusable, so if you're feeling fickle, taking your creations apart and rebuilding them is a breeze. Collect items in your house, such as cardboard boxes, plastic containers, and other packaging materials and attach them with Makedo connectors to create the ultimate sculptures. You can make just about anything with this simple connector kit, guided by your innovation, imagination, and creativity.

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