• Making Do: Volume Four - The Do-It-Yourself Neck Knife with Jason Hawk

    Paladin Press

  • $29.95

  • Description

    Looking for a simple, all-purpose utility/defensive knife to add to your survival toolbox that you can make at home? This original video production from Paladin Press will show you how to turn found materials into a practical, quality tool. In it, knifemaker and survival expert Jason Hawk walks you through the materials, construction and practical applications of your very own neck knife. Hawk starts by covering the types of metals suitable for knife manufacture, and then goes right into shaping and forming the edge. From there, using a classic wrapping technique common to the Japanese katana, he teaches you how to make a strong, long-lasting handle out of sturdy, inexpensive cordage. Using commonly found plastics (known as "poor man's Kydex"), he also shows you how to construct a durable sheath for carry and storage. How many items do you own and carry that you've personally made with your own two hands? With a little hard work, a few tools and some inexpensive materials, you can craft a knife that will serve you well for as long as you need it.

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