• Making Do: Volume Three - Projectile Weapons with Jason Hawk

    Paladin Press

  • $49.95

  • Description

    Between the expense of ammunition and increasingly restrictive firearms laws in the United States and abroad, it's getting harder and harder for a survival-minded individual to own a gun, let alone maintain it. In this video production from Paladin Press, neo-tribal weapons expert Jason Hawk teaches you how to take found materials and inexpensive tools probably already in your garage and turn them into projectile weapons suitable for hunting and personal defense. The weapons Hawk shows you how to create include a fishing spear with an elastic launcher; a bolo designed to either trip up your prey or knock him out at a throw; an accurate blowgun plus the darts for it; and the Pana Palad, a Southeast Asian slingshot that can send a dart straight through your enemy's skull. From the seasoned survivalist to the outdoor novice, the instruction and knowledge obtained in this video will give you the confidence needed to survive in the wild or on the street.

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