• Manuka 20+ (500g jars)

    Watson and Son

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    Manuka Honey is well known for its exceptional health giving properties
    and has been used by the indigenous Maori people in New Zealand for
    centuries. Modern research has now identified that this honey contains
    a unique activity not found in other honeys.

    Watson & Son Ltd maintains an operation that is fully integrated from the hive to market, placing our company in a unique position to manage every stage in the production of Manuka honey and to ensure full traceability back to the hive.

    Active Manuka Honey contains a wondrous array of healing properties, and can be very useful in treating many ailments. Below is a brief overview of the different ratings of Manuka honey, and their suggested uses:

         · Active 10+ Certified Manuka: This is considered a Maintenance Level honey. This rating works great for general immune system maintenance and the daily treatment of acid reflux, IBS, and other digestive ailments.
         · Active 15+ Certified Manuka: This is considered a Useful level honey. High antibacterial levels make this honey perfect for treating ulcers, sore throats (especially resistant strep throat), cold sores and more advanced cases of IBS, acid reflux and digestive ailments.
         · Active 20+ Certified Manuka: This is considered a Superior level honey with very high activity. The most potent of our products, it is recommended for direct application to skin ulcers, pressure sores, and can be very effective against Staph infections, particularly MRSA.

    Watson & Son takes great pride in sourcing and harvesting this special honey from some of the most remote and unpolluted regions of New Zealand. Each batch of Watson & Son Manuka Honey is tested by a certified laboratory using the test method developed by Dr. Peter Molan at the university of Waikato.

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