• MARTIAL MARKSMANSHIP - A Fighters Guide to Close Quarters Handgunning

    Paladin Press

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    The controversy concerning point shooting versus sighted fire is over, and the winner is you. After years of meticulous research, sighted-fire expert Andy Stanford and point-shooting authority Michael Janich have combined their talents to show you not only how point shooting and sighted fire can coexist, but how they can be synthesized to yield a superior, state-of-the-art shooting technique. The authors first identify the basic skill set that enables shooters to get shots on target using skeletal and centerline alignment rather than muscular coordination. They then build upon this foundation, introducing the concepts of a coarse visual index and finally practical, combat-effective sighted fire. Throughout the process, they highlight the effects and dangers of the real-world threats you may face and teach you the difference between being a shooter, a gunfighter and a true fighter with a gun. This DVD includes rare archival footage and little-known insights into the history of modern combat shooting and is must viewing for all serious students of combative pistolcraft.

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