• Martini Spray Set, .51 oz.


  • $16.95

  • Description

    Want to create the ultimate dry martini? This vermouth atomizer makes it easy. The secret to crafting your perfect cocktail is simply to make sure that you don't add too much vermouth. When you use this specialized vermouth sprayer, you get an ideal measure with an ultra-fine mist that coats your glass. In stock and ready to ship. Features: Stainless steel refillable canister. Provides a very fine mist of vermouth. Ideal for dry martinis. Included funnel for easy filling. Attractive pouch conveniently holds the atomizer and funnel. Specs: Atomizer Dimensions: 4 3/4"L x 7/8" Diameter. Atomizer Capacity: 0.51 oz. Includes: (1) Atomizer spray bottle. (1) Funnel. (1) Travel pouch.

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