• Martinson, Colombian Decaf

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  • Description

    A decaffeinated coffee that's packed with flavor, made from 100% Colombian beans. Martinson Colombian Decaf is selected from 100% Arabica beans, roasted to perfection, and packed at the peak of freshness. Grown in the rich soil of the hills of Colombia, the beans used in Martinson Colombian Decaf are 100% Colombian beans that are nothing short of exquisite quality. Colombia is known for the quality and quantity of coffee they grow and export around the world; there is a good reason why. Colombian coffee beans have an incredible body that are full of flavor and a strong coffee aroma. The Martinson Colombian Decaf single cup coffee blend is nothing short of that. You get a wonderful cup of coffee that is perfect to quench your coffee needs at any occasion but is not overwhelming; no matter if you are new to coffee or a coffee connoisseur, you will be amazed by the beautiful flavor brought to you by the Colombian Decaf coffee. With 30% rainforest alliance certified coffee beans which supports environmental, social and economic sustainability.

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