• Mason Cash Strawberry Mixing Bowl - Size 36, 6.0in

    Pacific Merchants Trading

  • $19.68

  • Description

    Mason Cash has been the choice of home cooks and bakers for centuries.    Each Zest Steam Bowl (Pudding Basin) has a fruit embossed around the outside. This isn't just to help grip the bowl, it's also to add a refreshing splash of color, style and fun to your kitchen! This Steam Bowl, in Strawberry pattern, has a 0.95-quart capacity and measures 6.25-inches in diameter and 3.5-inches high. These Steam Bowls are classic and recongnizable. These bowls are fitted to allow the lid to be tied and maintained throughout the steaming process. The body shape also allows for an easy release after being steamed for several hours. These bowls also feature 3 vents in each base which allow trapped bubbles or pockets of air to escape easily when steaming.   Made of high quality, chip-resistant earthenware, these bowls are considered design classics. These Mason Cash bowls maintain the highest quality standards while incorporating the perfect functional desing.   Mason Cash is fundamentally rooted in its English heritage. Over the centuries, they have developed a great understanding of the requirements and expectations of cooks, producing innovative, functional, effective kitchenware and utilizing the best quality materials possible to produce the very best items that exceed consumers' expectations.

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