• Mastering the Hardstyle Kettlebell Swing

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    Get the ripped physique, the ultra-conditioning and the explosive power you always wanted-in minimum time
    and for minimum expense... 
    Since Pavel Tsatsouline introduced the modern world to the glories of HardStyleTM kettlebell training in 2001, the fitness landscape has changed forever. This simple tool, the kettlebell, when used as part of Pavel's now legendary HardStyleTM system, has helped sculpt finely-chiseled new physiques-with dramatic power to match-for tens of thousands of grateful recipients. 
    Master RKC, Mark Reifkind and RKC, Tracy Reifkind are uniquely qualified to help YOU TOO rapidly achieve the same spectacular physical transformations.
    As a former college gymnast, powerlifting champion, national coach, competitive bodybuilder, ultra-marathoner and the founder of the first-ever studio in the US devoted entirely to kettlebell training, Mark brings a wealth of experience and expertise in his presentation of the secrets of the HardStyle(tm) kettlebell swing. 
    Tracy's innovative kettlebell swing programming and personal 100lb plus weight loss story have won her national acclaim-and a position of honor in Tim Ferriss's runaway bestseller The 4-Hour Body. 
    As its title indicates, Mastering the HardStyleTM Kettlebell Swing provides absolutely everything you need, to knock it out of the performance park-and enjoy a new life of supreme strength and vitality. Detailed, scientifically-structured progressions give you a rock-solid technical foundation and proficiency. Two bonus, follow-along workouts further instruct and inspire you to achieve the ultimate in fat loss, high-yield cardio and explosive power.

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