• Mastermind Deluxe Travel Edition by Pressman

    Pressman Toy Corp

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    In-flight turbulence, choppy seas, feeling a pothole in the  backseat of the SUV--nothing can interrupt your next game of  Mastermind, the classic two-player challenge of logic and deductive  code breaking that  Games  magazine saw fit to retire years ago as  one of the all-time greats. With this deluxe travel edition, the  codebreaker still tries to guess the codemaster's hidden sequence of  colored pegs through trial and error. But now it all fits into a  plastic game board/storage unit with a hinged snap lid--the whole thing  is only slightly bigger than your sunglasses case. With the Deluxe  Travel Mastermind, deduction and reduction have rarely merged so  well.  --Tony Mason 
           Now you can take this challenging game of logic and deduction with you just about anywhere! For years, Mastermind has entertained people of all ages with its seemingly simple challenge: break a secret code in 8 turns or less. The Codebreaker uses educated guesses and clues from the Codemaker in hopes of solving the correct color and order of the coded pegs! With thousands of combinations, Mastermind is a challenge every time you play! Game includes game console with hinged cover, 60 Code pegs in 6 colors, 15 red scoring pegs, 15 white scoring pegs, and instructions.

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