• Mastrad All-Silicone Spatula, Red

    Mastrad (Orka)

  • $20.99

  • Description

    Once you've used this ingenious spatula, you'll never use another brand again. The all-silicone spatula is made in one piece for food safety-its hygenic design and non-porous surface means there are no crevices for food and bacteria to collect. Silicone's unique properties makes it a natural choice for high-heat cooking-it won't change the flavor of food as some metal utensils can, and its flexibility ensures you'll get every bit of icing out of that bowl for your cake. The Orka All-Silicone Spatula can be used on your non-stick cookware without fear of scratching the delicate surface of your pans. Heat safe to 570-degrees fahrenheit, the spatula is dishwasher safe.

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