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    Green Lantern Movie Masters Figure Collection: “In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight!” Characters based on the new hit superhero film, Green Lantern. With 100% authentic detail, deluxe articulation and supreme quality, the Movie Masters line offers fans the premium collecting experience. True-to-scale, these 6” Green Lantern figures are expertly crafted to ensure the highest standards for your collection. Each figure includes one Collect & Connect piece that can be combined with others in the collection to create a gigantic figure of the villain, Parallax. Complete assembly of Parallax requires purchase of all 12 Movie Masters figures, available throughout 2011. Collect them all!
            Mattel Green Lantern Tomar-Re Mattel Green Lantern Tomar-Re action figure has authentic detailing and deluxe articulation. It includes a Collect and Connect piece. One can collect these pieces and connect them together to form a gigantic figure of the villain, Parallax.   Why You'll Love It:  The action figure is designed like Tomar-Re from the movie Green Lantern.  Age:  4 years and up  Features  6-inch figures expertly crafted with high standards  Authentic detail, deluxe articulation and supreme quality  Comes with Collect and Connect pieces to create a gigantic figure of Parallax

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