• Maxiglide Sonicglide Hair Straightener

    Maxius Beauty

  • $30.00

  • Description

    SONICglide has four exclusive features: 1. DERTANGLIN PINS AND CORRESPONDING PLATE a) The Only One Step Straightening Tool in the World b) Detangle, straighten and smooth hair in One Step c) Strategically positioned multiple rows of detangling pins eliminate smoothing, using blow dryer and brush before styling d) Eliminate using a brush or comb while styling e) Speed up the process up to 4 times 2. STEAMBURST TECHNOLOGY a) Steam-burst penetrates hair cortex and hydrates and condition the hair especially dry ends b) Control Stem-burst, not continuous steam c) Hydrate and softer tough curl and freeze before ironing (like clothing Iron) d) Greatly reduce split ends and over-drying hair caused by using Dry Heat 3. PROTECTIVE AND STYLING RIDGES a) Rounded ridges are precisely designed and positioned to significantly reduce the exterior temperature and the risk of burns b) The ridges are accurately placed in front of each pin to guide the hair into the grooves to easily create flips and curls c) The grooves keep the curl organized and uniformed by keeping hair controlled and together 4. SONIC VIBRATION a) Over 6,000 Vibration Per Minute reduce friction and the Detangling Pins easily glide through the curls and tangles b) Hair is polished at 6,000 times per minute for great shine c) Vibration speeds up the process even more, making SONICglide the quickest straightener in the World

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