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    Mason Cash has been the choice of home cooks and bakers for centuries.

    The Terracotta Baguette Tray will help you to make the perfect loaf of bread. Measuring 6.75 inches in length by 13 inches wide by 1.5 inches high, this tray allows you to bake two baguettes at once. Helping you to make excellent bread, this baguette tray is a definite must have in your kitchen for its classic appeal and unconventional quality.

    Baking bread in porous clay has been practiced for centuries, and has been perfected by Mason Cash. The secret of baking in terracotta is simple - the terracotta must be unglazed. It is porous and will draw in moisture from whatever touches the surface. When bread dough touches its surface, it will draw or wick moisture away from it, giving a crispier crust when baked.

    Mason Cash is fundamentally rooted in its English heritage. Over the centuries, they have developed a great understanding of the requirements and expectations of cooks, producing innovative, functional, effective kitchenware and utilizing the best quality materials possible to produce the very best items that exceed consumers' expectations. Designed in U.K., Manufactured in Turkey.

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