• MC BLUE TAGINE 11x8.25"

    Typhoon Homewares LLC

  • $35.75

  • Description

    Mason Cash has been the choice of home cooks and bakers for centuries.

    Influenced by the cuisine of North Africa, Mason Cash Tagines help you to create the most succulent and tender meat and vegetable dishes with delicious aromatic sauces. The tagine consist of two parts: a circular base dish with low sides and a large cone shapped lid that rests inside the base wilst cooking. This allows for the return of condensation to the base ensuring moist and infused meals.

    This Blue Tagine has a capacity of 1.5 quarts and measures 11 inches in diameter and 8.25 inches high. It is heavy duty so you can cook more meals for a longer time. A definite must have in your kitchen for its classic appeal and unconventional quality.

    Mason Cash is fundamentally rooted in its English heritage. Over the centuries, they have developed a great understanding of the requirements and expectations of cooks, producing innovative, functional, effective kitchenware and utilizing the best quality materials possible to produce the very best items that exceed consumers' expectations. Designed in U.K., Manufactured in Portugal.

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