• Med-e-lert Automatic Pill Dispenser 28 Compartments


  • $79.95

  • Description

    Compare With Automatic Pill Dispensers That Retail For $149.00 - $289.00 HELPS TO ENSURE THAT MEDICATIONS ARE TAKEN PROPERLY AND ON TIME Fully Automatic Pill Dispenser Easy SET-UP SIMPLE To Use Long Duration Buzzer Sounds Continuously Until The Pills Are Removed Capacity: ONE Week's Supply Of Pills Up To FOUR Times per Day white Cover 28 Compartments Each Can Hold Several Pills (Up To 18 Aspirin Size Pills) Compartment Size 20% Larger Than Other Automatic Pill Dispensers Medication TRAY Lockable With KEY NOTICE: THIS CASE IS MADE OF PLASTIC IT DOES HAVE A KEY LOCK BUT WITH FORCE IT CAN BE BROKEN INTO. DO NOT BUY THIS IF THE PERSON IS NONE TO ABUSE HIS OR HER MEDICATIONS. Alarm: LOUD SOUND + Blinking Light Low battery Alarm - Batteries Included - 12 Month Warranty

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