• Medicine in China: A History of Ideas (Comparative Studies of Health Systems and Medical Care)

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    "Paul Unschuld's massive erudition lies at the service of relativism.  His main aim is to explain the history of Chinese medical theories by locating them within successive broader paradigms of belief demonological, Confucian, Taoist, Buddhist, Marxist (each of which he anchors in turn within the line of dynasties from the Shang and Chou empires up to the Gang of Four. . . .  Undeniably valuable . . . is his emphasis on how each new wave of Chinese medical theory ended up by complementing the preceding corpus of ideas." --  Roy Porter, Times Literary Supplement "Unschuld successfully weaves the evolution of medical ideas  with the  prevalent socio-political events of the past three and one-half  millennia. . . .  The reward is immense."  --  Peter Kong-ming New,  Medical Anthropology 
            Paul Unschuld  is a professor at the Institute for the History of Medicine at the University of Munich.

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