• Medley Bloominb Tea (6 variety)


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  • Description

    The Teaposy Medley pack contains a sampling of 6 different Teaposy varieties: Heart of Love, Falling Water, Butterfly, Calendula, Lady Fairy, and Red Song. Each Teaposy variety features a different flower ranging from rose and lily, amaranth, calendula, jasmine and carnation. When placed in boiling water, each of these teaposy blooming teas will open into a beautiful, blossoming work of art that also brews premium Silver Needle White Tea. Each can be brewed up to 5 times and displayed in cold water for a week or more, so with the Teaposy Medley pack you could have a menagerie of Teaposy blossoms throughout your home. Using rare Silver Needle White Teas hand-picked in the Fujian Province in China and an assortment of herbal flowers, Teaposy creates a tea experience unlike any other. This single origin Silver Needle White Tea is infused with floral jasmine and hand-sewn into the freshest flowers, for a visually stunning display that blooms in hot water.

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