• Mei Tai Baby Carrier, Sol (One Size)


  • $115.95

  • Description

    Chimparoo Mei Tai Baby Carrier: The Chinese baby carrier permits skin-to -skin contact with baby from the first weeks up until baby is a completely independent walker. Being so lightweight and compact, it's easy to take anywhere that a busy parent has to go even with a 4 year old. The advantage of the Chinese baby carrier is its ease of use, lightweight, especially good during summer and lets you wear an older child closer to your body on your tummy, hips or your back. It can replace cumbersome rigid backpack devices used by hikers, not very comfortable (the child is too far away from the body and they are expensive) and the little ventral baby carrier for tiny 0-6 months that generally do not support the body and head of a newborn. The disadvantage compared to a wrap is that it cannot be used in the cradle position. The baby must be placed in the vertical frog position. It is less enveloping and even though it is quite adaptable, is not as versatile as a wrap. It still represents the best choice for a parent who finds the wrap too complicated or imposing by its length or prefers a babycarrier nearest the western style.

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