• Men's Shave Cream 6oz

    Cremo Company

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    The Cremo Cream Story:  Like most shavers, inventor and 
    Stanford University Engineering graduate
     Mike Boone was not that satisfied with the dozens of shave creams he 
    had tried over the years. He kept getting annoying little cuts and was 
    left with rough, agitated skin after each shave. He learned most shave 
    "creams" and "gels" are actually foam - which is primarily air. He also 
    observed that high-end shave lotions claim to contain exotic ingredients
     that sound appealing, but are in such small quantities that they simply
     do not have significant physical benefits. The solution, Cremo Cream, 
    has no air and no trace ingredients. It's a rich cream made only from 
    significant, noticeably beneficial ingredients. It contains very unique,
     super-lubricating, highly-slippery molecules that have been specially 
    compounded with other truly powerful skin conditioners. Together, they 
    make your blade glide smoothly over your skin like an ice skate; they 
    make your hairs stick out and stand up straight so your blade cuts them 
    more deeply; and they nourish and moisturize your skin. Your skin will 
    look and feel astonishingly soft and smooth. Your shave will last 
    longer. Better than anything else you have ever used. Each tube is 
    highly concentrated for a sixty day supply.
       Directions For A Dream Shave:  Rub your skin with the 
    hottest water you 
    can stand for 30 seconds (in the shower works best or use a hot towel). 
    Leave your skin wet, as Cremo Cream is water-activated. Lightly coat 
    your skin with an "almond-sized" squeeze of cream. Less is often best! 
    Add a few drops of water to make and keep it slippery, the shave. If the
     razor clogs, use more water or less Cremo Cream.

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