• Mendota Dog Walker - Seafoam, 3/8" x 6ft.


  • $20.99

  • Description

    Dog WalkerTM by Mendota® The Mendota® Dog WalkerTM is a martingale style lead and collar in one. Hand Crafted in the USA - this is a long time favorite with the agility crowd! Fast becoming a favorite of every day dog owners. Made of waterproof, colorfast, durable multi-filament polypropylene solid core roping in all new fashion forward colors features new brushed nickel hardware and oil tanned leather splices. Features a 9/16" wide neck band made of the same durable polypropylene material. Easily removed and put on at the line, does not have constricting qualities of a choke collar. Size: 6' x 3/8" Colors: Mocha Seafoam Pink Chocolate Taffy Woodlandsw

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