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    The Mensch on a Bench is a new Jewish tradition meant to bring more Funukkah to Hanukkah! Mensch on the Bench tells the story of Moshe the Mensch, who was in the temple with the Maccabees when they won the war against the Greeks. There was only enough oil for one night and everyone was exhausted from the war and wanted to go to sleep. But what if the oil went out while the jews were sleeping? From the back of the temple, Moshe offered to stay up all night and watch the oil. He would sit on the bench all night. Judah called him a Mensch...and a child joked "The Mensch on the Bench" and so the name stuck. The Mensch on the Bench is available as a book and a doll. The book tells the 8 rules of having a Mensch, which are meant to drive more Jewish family traditions and re-enforce the values we want to hand down to our children.

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