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    Sporn Non Pulling Mesh Dog Harness This Sporn Non Pulling Mesh Dog Harness allows better control of pets during walks. With its unique design, this dog harness stops pulling instantly and allows you to direct pet's movements easily. Sherpa covered loops tighten and apply gentle pressure to dog's front legs to prevent pulling. The mesh design offers maximum breathability and keeps pets comfortable at all times. Provided with elastic webbing, this harness stretches laterally with dog's natural movements, and allows comfortable, unrestricted movements. Adjustable chest-strap allows you to modify the size of this harness for a snug yet secure fit. The harness is made from premium grade nylon while the O-ring for the dog lead is nickel-plated for durable, hassle-free use. Product Features: Offers total control, style and comfort for every dog Elastic webbing stretches laterally with dog's natural movements Mesh "gives" to provide maximum comfort Stops the hardest pullers instantly Item Specifications: Recommended for walking purposes only. Not made for use as a car harness or a tie-out Do not leave Dog unattended Material: Nylon Size: Small - Measures from 9" - 12" Medium - Measures from 12" - 17" Large - Measures from 16" - 24" Breed Examples: Small - Fits Jack Russells, Cairn Terriers, and Toy Poodles (dogs up to 20 lbs.) Medium - Fits Cocker Spaniels, Golden Retrievers, and Border Collies (dogs up to 50 lbs.) Large - Fits Rottweilers, Newfoundland, and Great Danes (dogs up to 90 lbs.) Instructions: Place the harness over the dog's head so the mesh covering is below the dog's neck in front, the nylon straps are on either side of his/her head, and the metal O-ring sits just above the dog's shoulders on his/her back. Guide the dog's legs through the sherpa covered loops. Adjust the nylon straps for a comfortable fit. When pulling occurs, the padded sherpa sleeves will tighten and apply gentle pressure under the dog's front legs. Adjust the sliding cord lock for a snug (n

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