• MHP - Dark Matter Fruit Punch, 2.6 lb powder

    Europa Sports

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    Every Workout Ends With Dark Matter Sports nutrition experts and bodybuilders have long known that the most critical time to stimulate muscle growth through nutritional interfusion is post-workout. They refer to the 1-hour period immediately after training as the. Over the years, supplements have been developed in an attempt to optimize this short muscle building opportunity. While some innovations and developments have been made, researchers concluded that still, NO product on the market was fully optimizing this "window of muscle growth opportunity." The direct short explanation why is simple. None of these products work fast enough and none of them had the right micronutrient timing at the ! Now, through the development of DARK MATTER, bodybuilders are finally maximizing this muscle building opportunity and packing on pounds of new muscle. Victor Martinez credits DARK MATTER for adding 12 pounds of extra muscle to his already monstrous physique.

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