• Mike Hoare Interview with the World's Most Successful Mercenary

    Paladin Press

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    Don't miss this rare opportunity to see Mike Hoare, the world's best-known and most successful mercenary, live and uncensored as he describes the harsh realities of mercenary soldiering in Africa. With characteristic candor and humor, Hoare explains what the "golden age of mercenary soldiering" was really like. He opens up about the deep satisfaction of being able to command real men of fighting caliber, as well as how rare those types were. He details his confrontation with Che Guevara, the problem of using white men to fight black men in Africa, the expense of mounting a mercenary army, the need for battlefield justice for prisoners and his own troops, his criteria for choosing mercenary campaigns, and why so many of his 5 Commando officers eventually committed suicide. 
    This footage is from various media more than 40 years old, so the production quality is not state of the art. Paladin decided to release it because of its historic significance and its entertainment value. It is a special treat for all those who have followed Hoare's exceptional career or who have enjoyed his books.

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