• Miller Planisphere 30N/10.5

    Liberty Mountain

  • $12.95

  • Description

    Miller Planispheres by Datalizer are the premiere star finder. Durable plastic disks and accurate cartography with instructions right on the back. Choose the correct product / model according to the latitude where you will be using the product. (Example: MPL40 is for latitudes 35N-45N.) Don't worry if you are right on one division latitudes - either model above or below will work fine. Special Note: Having the right tools for observing is important. A planisphere is essential. This one is made with heavy duty plastic (never accept cardboard - a few outings in the nighttime dew will ruin it). Just dial the date and time and you'll see what's in the sky for that moment. Rotate the time dial to simulate sky motion... like having a personal planetarium. Pick your favorite constellation, put it on the eastern horizon to determine the date and time to begin seeing it.

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