• Millers Forge Large Dog Nail Trimmer

    Millers Forge

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    Perfect for:
    Large Breeds
    Dogs Over 50 Pounds
    These may be the only pair of nail trimmers you ever buy!
    Millers Forge Heavy Duty Nail Trimmers for Large Dogs are preferred by Veterinarians and Professional Groomers everywhere!
    As a professional groomer, these are my FAVORITE nail trimmers for large dogs. I guarantee these nail trimmers will OUT PERFORM any clipper of this type or I will refund your money.
    Made of high quality German Stainless Steel and hand finished by skilled craftsmen in Italy, these nail trimmers are for those who recognize and want the best for trimming the nails of dogs weighing over 50 pounds!
    When trimming your dog's nails, you want to get it right the first time. Dull nail trimmers can crush, rather than cut the nail, which is painful for your best friend.
    Nail Trimming Tip: You will find it easier to cut the nails of large dogs by holding the nail trimmer closer to the end of the handles for better leverage.
    Don't Forget the Styptic Powder and a File to smooth the rough edges after clipping.
    Keep your pet's paw pads moisturized and healthy with my favorite Paw Balm!
     This item is Karla's Professional Choice!

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