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    Packed with 11 hair-raising experiments, My First Mind-Blowing Science Kit is the perfect idea for school projects, science fairs and at-home fun. Whether you erupt a color-changing volcano or create a crystal sunset in a test tube, this kit is sure to entertain and delight any little scientist.  

    Each Mind-Blowing Science Kit comes with the following supplies: vegetable oil, corn starch, baking soda, crosslinked polyacrylamide, test tubes, red cabbage juice powder, citric acid, color tablets, polyacrylamide crystals, a pipette, small and medium scoops, three plastic cups and an activity guide.

    However, there are some basic household items that are not included, but required in order to perform certain experiments. Before beginning, you will need to collect water, baking flour, a plate or tray, tape, red and blue pens, grape juice, a coffee filter paper, a bowl, measuring spoons and cups, a stirring spoon and towels for clean-up.

    Using this kit, children will learn the basic science principles including the difference between acids and bases and how to use a test tube and pipette.This item is recommended for ages 4 and up, but adult supervision is required at all times.

    A free storage bag is included with each kit.

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