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    The Spider Bottle Mini in Blue.  The high-grade, patented SpiderBottle®, with its patented SpiderMix Spiral, is manufactured from highest quality, surgical-grade stainless steel. Spectacular mixing results and super-easy cleaning are guaranteed thanks to its high flexibility and cutting-edge design. Designed to hold 500 ML (16 ounces) of liquid, its a great size for nearly every use.  In a downward-shaking movement the flexible SpiderMix® swings out through the SpiderBottle®, oscillating and sweeping over the complete cup area and perfectly mixing your ingredients like a wire whisk for the best mixing result ever! With an upward-shaking movement, the flexible SpiderMix® contracts in the form of a strainer and mixes together the passing fluids. Due to the constant contraction-and-expansion movement of the SpiderMix®, lumps and clots are completely eliminated and a perfect mixing of the ingredients is guaranteed. The variety of applications for the Spider Bottle are diverse and unlimited.  The Spider Bottle is the optimal accessory for Sport, Fitness, and a nutritious Diet, as well as being an ideal multipurpose device for use in everyday life, during travel, or in the kitchen.  The Spider Bottle is always the perfect companion for an active, healthful person.   The creator of the Spider Bottle, GSI (German Sport Innovation), is an innovative team of athletes and engineers whose aim is to revolutionize the current Shaker market. GSI has created a sensational Shaker that stands for, and epitomizes, the highest standards of function, design, and quality. The result is a Shaker with an absolutely breathtaking design that delivers the best mixing results ever!!

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