• Mini Chillow

    Sooth Soft

  • $20.93

  • Description

    Make no mistake this pint size performer delivers the cooling punch right where you need it. At half the size of our standard Chillow®, the miniChillow® is easily put in the fridge for an "at the ready" bump or bruise cool pak. It is ready for travel and perfect for sports events or providing that discreet cool spot you need at work. Many adults and teens alike use it as a laptop cooler (it has a "stay in place" flocked back), making it a perfect gift for your favorite student, workaholic, or traveling road warrior. No electricity, no problem. Keep cool day or night with this latex free little guy.
    The kid friendly size has children ages 5-10 absolutely loving it and they willingly go to sleep with their soothing Mini in tow! Many parents prefer this natural solution for getting their ADHD child to bed more easily. Carefully cooling the head and body, has been shown to slow down restless thought patterns and busy brainwaves, allowing for restorative sleep.

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