• Mini Heart Cake Pan - 6 Cavity 13.125"X7.375"

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    Perch a basket of cranberry-walnut muffins on the brunch table or scale down a favorite cake recipe into bite-size desserts with Wilton's Heart mini cake pan. Crafted of nonstick aluminum, the pan offers six heart-shaped cavities with generously rounded curves that look oh-so-adorable and hold together as well as traditional circles or squares. Simply pour in a favorite mix and bake, then flip onto a cooling rack and dust with sugar or decorate. An ideal metal for baking, aluminum heats evenly and keeps insides moist while surfaces gently brown. It is also lightweight yet durable and will retain its shape for many years of dependable service. The pan cleans easily in the dishwasher so there's less time spent in the kitchen washing up and more time munching the goodies with guests. Here's a handy tip: Stock up on several of these reasonably priced pans to turn out big batches quickly.  --Kara Karll 
           Wilton's premium non-stick bakeware combines superior non-stick performance, serving convenience and elegant heart shape design, to provide the highest level of baking satisfaction.

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