• Mini Plasma

    Can You Imagine

  • $19.99

  • Description

    Can You Imagine presents the Mini Plasma. It creates a dramatic display of light inside a hand-blown glass sphere. Mini Plasma is fascinating to watch, even more fun to play with. Just place your fingers on the glass surface and watch a colored bolts of glowing light follow your every move.
           Big plasma technology in a new small size. This mini plasma lamp works just like a regular plasma globe with flickering tendrils of energy lashing out that are attracted to your fingertips only smaller and less expensive. Responds to your touch for the ultimate interactive lighting experience. You can actually "feel" the energy as the light gently tickles your figertips.  --  -- So if you've ever wanted a plasma globe of your very own but didn't want to pay the price, this economical alternative will light up your life. Comes complete with its own AC power adapter.

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