• Mini Shopping Cart / Warehouse Gear series - Blue 145x96x138mm (SH-032)

    Fangzheng Craft & Gift

  • $2.75

  • Description

    Attention Shoppers! This Mini Shopping Cart will delight shopaholics with its adorable miniature design. Durably constructed of gleaming metal and blue rubber accents to resemble a handy shopping cart, this miniature shopping cart features a pull-out child seat and real rolling wheels. Place the mini shopping cart on your desk, in the kitchen or any room to add a stylish way to sort items. Perfect as a creative desk organizer or book shelf conversation piece for your home or office. Use the versatile shopping cart as an innovative gift basket by filling with candy and giving out to friends. Even let your child use the miniature replica shopping cart as an accessory for his or her dolls! Express your creativity anywhere you want while staying organized with this unique and fun mini shopping cart!

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