• Miracle Cushion - Optima

    Miracle Cushion

  • $54.99

  • Description

    The Wondergel Optima is part of the Ultimate Collection of gel seat cushions exclusive to Miracle Cushion. This enhanced gel formulation has been proven in medical cushioning applications and now made available in this range of general purpose gel seat cushions. It is one of the latest developments from Wondergel.
    The Optima is modeled after the highly popular Original gel seat cushion from Wondergel, but featuring the enhanced and improved gel formulation. The Optima is lighter in weight than the old Original while maintaining the same durability and superior cushioning. It also features the "cross support" system on the bottom of the cushion which adds to both the comfort level and overall durability.
    The medical grade gel also feels warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

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