• Miracle Skin Transformer Face - Medium Tan- 1.5OZ

    EC Scott Group

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    A breakthrough tinted, transforming beauty balm designed to hydrate, prime, enhance, mattify, and protect skin in one single step. - Five-in-one formulation enriched with antioxidants and vitamins A and E to deliver advanced skincare benefits - Features SPF 20 sun protection - Comes in six shades Miracle Skin Transformer instantly transforms your skin by diminishing the appearance of fine lines and pores, and producing a flawless complexion. Built-in broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 20 protection plus hydrating, antiaging natural actives deliver advanced skincare benefits, while the M3 Complex delivers a rich combination of antioxidants including saw palmetto and passion fruit extracts. This complex also contains the eco-certified ingredient, ecophysalis, known to help protect your skin from free radicals and even out the appearance of the skintone. Vitamins A, E, and CoEnzymeQ10 are encapsulated into tiny beads for direct delivery onto your skin to help protect against oxidative damage. Skin is left smooth, radiant, and airbrushed to perfection. It is formulated Without: - Parabens- Sulfates - Phthalates Beauty Balms or B.B. Creams were originally developed as a perfect post-procedure cream used to treat, hydrate, prime, protect, and camouflage the skin. Great for all skin types including those with sensitive skin, these versatile � five-in-one� formulas are designed to do it all: treat with high levels of active skin care ingredients; moisturize and smooth dehydrated skin; prime and perfect skin� s surface; camouflage and color correct the skintone; and protect skin from the sun with SPF. They can be used as a last step for their skincare benefits or used on their own as an instant beautifier. Research results:In a consumer perception study after 1 application: - 100% saw a brighter, healthier, and younger-looking complexion - 100% saw less noticeable pores, and a diminished look of fine lines and wrinkles - 100% saw a minimized appearance of discolorations,

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