• MMA Weight Training A Fighter's Guide to Ring-Ready Strength, Speed, and Stamina with Brian Klaus

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    Think your bench pressing skills alone are going to win you an MMA title? While sheer strength is undeniably a vital asset, you must know how to develop it in all dimensions-how to break out of the static sets of curls and presses and build brute strength in pulling, pushing, gripping, and twisting motions-to become an unbeatable fighter. 
    Powerlifting champion, coach, and certified catch wrestling instructor Brian Klaus will show you how to quickly and efficiently raise your game by tying together strength, speed, technique, and conditioning with his innovative two-phase approach to training. Klaus uses the knowledge he's gained from years of strength training and fighting to build his athletes from the ground up, focusing on the specific movements and explosive strength that they need to dominate in the ring. He'll show you new angles on traditional gym exercises as well as showing you the best way to burn in sport-specific moves using such tools as sledgehammers and giant tires. 
    Klaus, who in 2005 set three AWPC World Records and was the AAPF National Powerlifting Championships Best Lifter award winner, brings more than 20 years of weight training and sports conditioning experience to MMA Weight Training. His extensive experience as both a competitor and a coach in amateur (folkstyle), Greco-Roman, sambo, and catch wrestling make him the ideal instructor for the fighter who wants to shock his opponents with unbelievable power.

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