• moisturizing self tanner

    4VOO distinct man

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    unlike traditional tanning creams, 4VOO moisturizing self tanner's exclusive ingredients deliver maximum saturation through the skin for optimal lasting results. this dynamic innovative self tanner has been formulated to create a perfect bronze complexion, so rich in colour that skin instantly appears healthier and more radiant. the ingredients have been carefully selected in order to create optimal results. 4VOO moisturizing self tanner has been specifically formulated to satisfy your quest for the perfect tan while eliminating the worry of damaging or destroying your skin. enjoy a beautiful tan, rich moisturization, and most importantly look younger and feel confident in your skin. 4VOO moisturizing self tanner contains only the best ingredients so that this luxury formula delivers a gorgeous natural glow without the worry of artificial orange color or streaking. with our exclusive silk protein complex and multi-peptide formula, skin is immediately rejuvenated and appears younger due to anti-aging properties designed to reduce and slow the effects of time.

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