• Monbento Original Bento Box - BLACK **BONUS** Sushi Eraser


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    Monbento Original Bento Box - BLACK    Sleek and Stylish with a Matte finish and "soft touch" exterior - Monbento Bento Boxes make the perfect lunch box to carry your meal to work or for packing your children's school lunches!  Features:   Includes 2 containers and a removable separator to divide your bento box depending on your taste  1 top lid, 2 containers, 2 intermediary container lids, 1 separator  Airtight for easy transport - elastic band included  Dishwasher Safe  Microwave safe - open the silicone cap of the intermediary lid for venting  Dimensions: 7.5"(h) x 3.5"(w) x 3.5"(h)  Volume: 2 x 17 fl. oz = approx. 4 cups  2 Iwako Sushi Erasers    You will Receive 2 Assorted Sushi and/or Japanese Food Erasers - MAY vary from those pictured  Each eraser is about 1.5" to 2" inches  Can be take-apart and put back together like a puzzle  Environmentally friendly lead-free, recyclable, non-toxic, non-PVC

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