• Monbento Original Bento Box - RED / WHITE


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  • Description

    Welcome to the  world of monbento , the brainchild of the French entrepreneur Emilie Creuzieux, brought to life through drive and perseverance. 
             • Our story 
             Launched in 2009 & booming ever since, what are the reasons behind our modern success story? 
             • Our brand 
              Relaxed, practical, innovative  and  chic , express yourself & accessorize your bento. 
             Take monbento where you want when you want - it's as simple as style, choice and pleasure! 
             • Our values 
              Simplicity, generosity, sharing, creativity  and  mobility ...we'll let our products speak for themselves. 
             • Our bentos 
             Perfect for carrying your meal to work or packing your children's school lunches!  
             monbento original (MBO) bento box is composed of 2 individual containers & a removable separator to divide your bento box as you like. 
    Now available from our creative minds to your home - Come & experience our food revolution! 
    •  Dimensions: 7.5 in, 3.5 in, 3.5 in (l x w x h)  
    •  Volume : 2 x 17 fl. oz = approx. 4 cups 
    •  Matte finish with "soft touch" exterior  
    •  Material: Body: PBT; Intermediary lid: PP/ TPE / silicon

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