• Monopoly

    John N Hansen Company

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    Become the ultimate real estate mogul in the iconic real estate trading game Monopoly. Buy, sell and collect rent on everything from houses, hotels and utilities to become the richest in the city. With everyone out to gather their own fortune, you may find yourself facing jail and bankruptcy instead of fame and fortune. Gather as many properties as you can in order to charge more rent. Keep ahead of your opponents through careful negotiations and strategic purchases. With just the right mixture of chance and strategy, it's the ideal family game. Now with the speed die, you can even speed things up and make the game more intense. Are you ready to buy and sell your way to wealth and victory? Highlights: Now you can play with the new Cat figure A favorite for any who love classic board games Can play with up to 8 players Play with the "speed die" for a faster game experience! Contents: Gameboard 8 Tokens 28 Title deed cards 16 Chance cards 16 Community chess cards 32 Green houses 12 Red hotels 2 Dice Money pack Speed die Game guide

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