• Monterey Liquid Copper Fungicidal Spray 32 oz

    Down to Earth Distributors

  • $21.64

  • Description

    LG3105 Size: 1 Quart Features: -Fungicides jug.-Liquid copper fungicide spray for disease prevention on fruit trees, nut crops, citrus, vegetables and ornamentals.-Very economical replacement for Bordeaux mixture with an expanded label.-Extremely weatherproof and does not require oil or a sticker.-Replacement for lime sulfur.-Can be mixed with oils such as Saf-T-Side, for use as a dormant spray on fruit trees.-Products for natural gardening. Options: -Available in 1 Pint or 1 Quart sizes. Dimensions: -1 Pint Dimensions: 7'' H x 4'' W x 2'' D.-1 Quart Dimensions: 9'' H x 5'' W x 3'' D.

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